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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Tonight I light candles
Not just for my creations
Both here and to come
But for mankind
Those that suffer
Those that are sick
Those experiencing lack
The innocent
The downtrodden
Those with addiction
Those with broken hearts
I light these candles
To gently burn away our pasts
So as to ready us for our futures
Tonight I light candles for peace
Tonight I light candles for you

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Drop in Time

A Drop In Time

A day of peace
A day of love
A day of light
All is right
An autumn tree
Full colors blaze
A sky so blue
A brilliant view
Some simple lines
fall from my pen
And soon to sleep
my heart will keep
this day so near
remembered well
A drop in time
Pure and sublime

Friday, November 4, 2011

All I Am

Tonight a thousand stars shine down upon me
A thousand rivers flow by me
A thousand mountains tower above me
A thousand forests surround me
But only one heart
One thought
One love
One bliss
In all

Friday, October 21, 2011

Some Days

Some days
it hurts to wake up
and handle
the wolves
the storms

Those we have chosen
to take care of
the innocent
that need our voice

But jump in
we must
the rolling
the pitching
the tossing

We seek
a lifeline
a piece of wood
a hand

Slowly it immerges
the kind word
the song
the phone call

out of the water

Still the storm rages
no resolution
but an umbrella

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Too Much Not Enough Something

They say
you're the round peg
In the square hole
Too smart
for your own good
Too dumb
to know better
Too poor
to rule
Too rich
for assistance
Too high
to focus
Too low
for hope
Too large
to pose
Too small
to be recognized
Too old
Too young
Too much
not enough
But Love says
you are perfect
as I made you
your birthright
awaits you
Everything they tell you
is wrong with you
is actually
what is right with you
Everything you tell you
is wrong with you
is actually
what is right with you
You are
perfectly imperfect
Believe it
Breathe it
Be love now

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Love, Unchanging

Love knows itself
as you
as me
as the perception
the ability
to know
myself defines
my love
for you

I change
I grow
Love, unchanging
grows in me
flows through me
extends to you
more pure
more tolerant
more unconditional

I love myself
for all I am
I am love, unchanging

Tuesday, October 4, 2011



I am alone
I am cold
I am waiting

I hear the rain
I hear the wind
I am the sea

You are alone
You are cold
You are waiting

You are the rain
You are the wind
You stir the sea

We are together
We are warm
We are not waiting

We are the rain
We are the wind
We are the sea

And the sand on the shore
Is scattered once more
But the number of grains
Stays the same

Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Angel

My Angel’s soft and silver wings
appear above my bed
where numberless tears flow.
I feel myself as dead.
“Arise, Dear One”, she speaks to me
“you are not lost – your life will be
better than its ever been”.
She touched my face,
my head begin to spin.
She showed me paths on which I’d walked
from carefree childhood days,
when love and freedom were my play.
Then to my youth and my mistakes,
and times like now
when I feel my heart will surely break.
she showed me how I always healed.
My heart is strong as is my will.
It always turned out better
from the lessons I had learned.
So even though he chose to leave,
my Angel always stays with me,
remaining with me down every road
I ever have or will trod,
reminding me that I belong to God.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Under A Silvery Moon

Please send her someone very soon
She waits, under a silvery moon
For that man sent from a star
One that knows who they both are
Patiently she keeps her watch
Silently keeps him in her thoughts.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

If You Couln't Fail

Photo Chaiwat
What would you do
If you knew you ‘d not fail?
Invent something new?
Write a new tale?
Say I love you
To someone at last?
Embrace the future
Get out of the past?
Stop working so hard
Take more time for play?
Go out on a limb
With something to say?
Go on and do it!
You may not succeed,
But not trying at all
Where can that lead?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Eyes Without Disguise

If you would look long and deep in my eyes,
 you’d no longer need to wear your disguise.
Like magnets, whose poles, though apart,
we encircle and gravitate until joined heart to heart.
And more about eyes with no disguise…
I looked in your eyes and I realized
I’ve looked in your windows for thousands of years,
Rejoiced in our happiness and shared many tears.
Over and over I’ve sped through the stars,
each time I’ve found you, I’ve known who you are.
I’ve had you and lost you and found you again,
wandered through lifetimes – worlds without end.
I’ve crossed oceans uncharted, planets unexplored
always to find those eyes I adore.
And though it’s been done time after time,
I’ve loved every moment I’ve called you mine

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Too Soon

Too soon came the dawn
Too soon you were gone
Too long I was drawn
Into you
The canvas, too clean
No red and no green
Just blue all around the edges
The black and the white
The day and the night
Are now faded to gray
And all falling away
From the pages
Where I know what it’s like
To merge into white
With the colors all blended together
Seems there is no escape
It must have been fate
Just wanting a change
Doesn’t bring it

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bare Soul

Photo Rob Wiltshire

Is the soul at its best
When it’s bared
Laid open
So fragile and vulnerable
So full
So empty
Or should it remain concealed
Like a bud
That drops from the stem
Unwilling to open
And reveal itself
Its beauty hidden

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Winter 2009
Photo Tina Phillips
Soulstice (The Darkest Night of My Life)

We met in the dead of winter
December never felt so warm
Even though those nights were long and dark
Time with you was never enough
They said it was the winter solstice
The longest night of the year
It felt like the shortest nights of my life
When you held me so near

It felt like the middle of summer
With days so hot and bright
Even though it was the winter solstice
those were the shortest nights of my life

That morning that you left me
My heart spilling tears on the floor
I didn’t know I could ever feel this way
I’d never hurt like this before
It felt like the dead of winter
Though it must have been June or July
Even though they called it summer solstice
those were the longest nights of my life

Autumn has come with its equal light
And I’m more balanced too
Living in the past’s just not my style
Still when I think of you….I think
It felt like the dead of winter
Though it must have been June or July
I know it was the summer solstice
But I swear, it was the longest night of my life.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


There’s violence in our streets
Our hearts are filled with fear
Our families cannot eat
Their faces stained with tears
Yet there is talk of hope
A promise soon of change
Still that hundred note
Comes with so much pain

Is 2012 a dream?
We can make it all come true
By following our star
Although it seems so far
The one that splits that night
That’s always stood for right
Two thousand years ago
Three wise men made it so
And through all space and time
The message was the same
I’ve come back once again
and teach you to walk on water
To save your sons and daughters

This can’t be what was planned
For our American land
Its not why my dad burned
That draft card or mom burned
Her bra in that march
On Washington DC
It was 1963
They burned for each other
And that is why there’s me

Lets choose hope not despair
You know we’re here to care
Out of the darkness now
Into the Light somehow
With love as our guide
In love we must abide
To bring us to that shore
For those we so adore
We must learn to walk on water
To save our sons and daughters

Is 2012 a dream?
Can we follow our star?
The one that stands for right
To save our sons and daughters.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Great Soul

I had a dream the other night
A great soul came to me
The one we call our elder brother
He who walked upon the sea
He said no one lives by what I taught
the lessons so well known
Most people twist my words around
To prove what they want shown

Then He said remember
My message is the same
Always love each other
See everyone as your brother
Cooperate with each other
to set all mankind free
Honor your father and mother
You’re here to serve one another
Put down all those labels
Just love as much as you’re able
And those that sit at your table
Feed them with your love
Norman Rockwell