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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


There’s violence in our streets
Our hearts are filled with fear
Our families cannot eat
Their faces stained with tears
Yet there is talk of hope
A promise soon of change
Still that hundred note
Comes with so much pain

Is 2012 a dream?
We can make it all come true
By following our star
Although it seems so far
The one that splits that night
That’s always stood for right
Two thousand years ago
Three wise men made it so
And through all space and time
The message was the same
I’ve come back once again
and teach you to walk on water
To save your sons and daughters

This can’t be what was planned
For our American land
Its not why my dad burned
That draft card or mom burned
Her bra in that march
On Washington DC
It was 1963
They burned for each other
And that is why there’s me

Lets choose hope not despair
You know we’re here to care
Out of the darkness now
Into the Light somehow
With love as our guide
In love we must abide
To bring us to that shore
For those we so adore
We must learn to walk on water
To save our sons and daughters

Is 2012 a dream?
Can we follow our star?
The one that stands for right
To save our sons and daughters.

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