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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Eyes Without Disguise

If you would look long and deep in my eyes,
 you’d no longer need to wear your disguise.
Like magnets, whose poles, though apart,
we encircle and gravitate until joined heart to heart.
And more about eyes with no disguise…
I looked in your eyes and I realized
I’ve looked in your windows for thousands of years,
Rejoiced in our happiness and shared many tears.
Over and over I’ve sped through the stars,
each time I’ve found you, I’ve known who you are.
I’ve had you and lost you and found you again,
wandered through lifetimes – worlds without end.
I’ve crossed oceans uncharted, planets unexplored
always to find those eyes I adore.
And though it’s been done time after time,
I’ve loved every moment I’ve called you mine

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