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Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Angel

My Angel’s soft and silver wings
appear above my bed
where numberless tears flow.
I feel myself as dead.
“Arise, Dear One”, she speaks to me
“you are not lost – your life will be
better than its ever been”.
She touched my face,
my head begin to spin.
She showed me paths on which I’d walked
from carefree childhood days,
when love and freedom were my play.
Then to my youth and my mistakes,
and times like now
when I feel my heart will surely break.
she showed me how I always healed.
My heart is strong as is my will.
It always turned out better
from the lessons I had learned.
So even though he chose to leave,
my Angel always stays with me,
remaining with me down every road
I ever have or will trod,
reminding me that I belong to God.

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